Systems Capabilities

At Max-El Controls our engineers are experts in the various disciplines of building controls.  Listed below are a handful of the system types that we are able to provide services for;


BMS_web_New.png  HVAC Control

From discrete stand-alone systems to sprawling campus wide Building management systems, the backbone of all building comfort control is the HVAC services and the associated control system.  At Max-El Controls Limited, we pride ourselves in striving to continuously improve HVAC control systems to maximise occupant comfort levels whilst remaining inside and optimised efficiency window.


Access_web_New.png  Access Control

For many building applications, security is a paramount issue.  Not only restricted to the control of the correct personnel access into the correct work areas, Max-El Controls Limited works together with our clients to ensure the security of vulnerable people and assets, gathering and reporting of access events and major incident planning.


Energy_web_New.png  Energy Management

We believe that the impact of the energy crisis, which faces all of us, can be reduced by intelligent use of energy within the built environment.  To this end Max-El Controls Limited works closely with our clients to ensure that the operation of consuming equipment is optimised to achieve the demands whilst working efficiently and intelligently.


Integration_web_New.png  Systems Integration

The world of controls is changing.  Convergence of disparate building control systems is becoming increasingly relevant to the modern built environment.  Max-El Controls Limited are committed to taking full advantage of emerging technologies and offering our clients integrated solutions which maximise the potential of individual systems.